Chad and his ankle

Posted in date day by gwen on November 24, 2009

So Chad sprained his ankle and is spending the next couple days lying in bed. Last night it looked like he had a giant red tumor on the side, today it’s more evenly swollen — his whole ankle looks like the skin might just burst — and has a bruise stretching from halfway down his foot almost up to his calf. The color’s really starting to come in, it’s hideous.

I never really thought too much about sprains, I only had the one middle-finger one in 8th grade [hilarity ensued!] and I don’t remember it being all that awful but it turns out they can be not as awful as a break but serious nonetheless, and Chad is in pretty sad shape. We make jokes about how he is my little invalid and I yell at him when he tries to hobble around because all I need is for him to be laid up in a cast for a month.

Chad had one very sorry for himself spell this morning when his painkillers had obviously worn off and he tried to walk to the bathroom instead of using his crutches. Surprise, surprise, it really hurt! And there is far too much conflicting advice on icing of sprains [30 minutes on, 30 off? 20/20? 15 on then 2-3 hours off?] and whether to bandage or not [yes?? no???? yes?????], and the bruise, is it traveling up his leg or just coming into full bloom??????? so he is being kind of OCD about that and pestering me with a LOT of questions, like I know anything.

But he has his laptop and they have lots of Nova episodes and Obama speeches online so he is pretty quiet. The vicodin doesn’t hurt, either, though he is worried that he might get addicted.


We went on date day Friday, got a late start and had an excellent breakfast at Albert’s, the storm turned out to be not so much but traffic was pretty heinous so we got to the museum pretty late, but it was totally empty and we were able to take our sweet time going through Star Trek – The Exhibition. They had a full TOS bridge and lots of costumes and a transporter and some weird time portal set I don’t specifically remember and TNG and Klingon captain’s chairs. We stopped for dinner at Taste of India in Fremont, where they had some seriously kickass samosas and a full bakery.

Saturday there was some lounging at the café and I don’t remember the rest. Sunday we had dim sum with Sarah and Ming, then I went to the estate sale we’ve all been waiting for and scored a bag of really nice vintage glass pearls and the jinglingest silver leaf and ball bracelet ever and sat in the café knitting for awhile, while Chad watched football [poor Broncos], then I went to La Piñata with a friend while Chad went to play tennis and sprained his ankle.

Luckily I don’t have a whole lot to do this week so I am not feeling all ragged and irritated playing nursemaid, though I am kind of horrified at the state of our kitchen cupboards, which Chad has dealt with [or, rather, not!] more and more as he has taken over more of the cooking duties. Which is to say, he just throws shit in willy-nilly and I don’t know where anything is anymore [and if he had a system, that would be one thing, but I can guarantee you he doesn’t know where anything is either]. I’m planning to spend the next couple days fixing all this while he can’t interfere. I need to do Christmas tree cleaning anyway.

I made a really cool neckwarmer for myself. Orange with green buttons, it is lovely and autumnal. I should take a picture. I’m making ones for Chad [slatey-grey manly thick wool yarn] and D [teal] and my mom [green! I found Esperanto-esque green star sequins at the craft shop to sprinkle on it, too.] for Christmas. I am thankful that our buy list isn’t so long this year, which is good because our money isn’t so plentiful.

Today was amazing out, it felt like spring. In the sun, anyway. Tomorrow is a walk to farmer’s market and getting groceries and hopefully coffee with S, so those are some nice breaks. Thursday is Thanksgiving [San Jose], and Friday [Oakland] and Saturday [Sacramento] there are more Thanksgiving dinners, though a lot of this depends on whether Chad’s up and around, and able to apply enough pressure to drive, and for how long.

5 things
1. My order finally came [after a month. do not order from these people!].
2. Popcorn with brewer’s yeast.
3. My meatloaf was even more outstanding than usual.
4. My daughter has had some nice, responsible moments lately.
5. My neckwarmer.

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