December 25: Christmastime was here

Posted in craft, photo by gwen on December 27, 2009

snow, globes at Daisy's
Esperanto green scarf with Esperanto green stars for Mom
Tiny reindeer
Necklace for momSnuggie!
Replacement for the Terminator cameraDecember 2: Self, birthday
Self, at Vera's opening

[the last two are not Christmas-related but I haven’t posted any photos of myself lately, they are from my birthday and a friend’s art opening a couple weeks ago, respectively. is that not the most fantastic coat? totally vintage **MINT**, my friend Laura gave it to me when she moved to Seattle — HOW NICE IS SHE?? — and I made the necklace to match. And that little sparkle is the ring Chad gave me on our last anniversary that I never got around to posting a photo of.]

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