Bendicion Para un Mojado or Blessing for a Wetback 2009

Posted in photo by gwen on December 27, 2009

Bendicion Para un Mojado or Blessing for a Wetback 2009

Bendicion Para un Mojado or Blessing for a Wetback 2009
by Viviana (Viva) Paredes

"This wall sculpture meant to give blessings to the immigrant traveler and to honor the many lives lost crossing borders in the quest for survival. The concept is influenced by the practice of the Tibetan prayer wheel but instead of Buddhist sacred text, the cylinders are etched with the ubiquitous freeway sign of a family running. The vessels are filled with medicinal herbs which are meant to address some of the many issues they face on their journey. Flor de Tila for heart ache, Arnica to comfort their physical pains, Cempasuchil to address their susto or fear, Flor de Jamaica for their change in diet and a mixture of Laurel leaves, Rosemary and Chili to help ward off Mal Ojo or evil eye from those trying to stop them from entering."

From Ofrendas para los Muertos-from Oakland, with love
Curated by Rachel-Anne Palacios

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Date Day: Half Moon Bay [again]

Posted in date day by gwen on December 21, 2009

December 19: Subject

We went to see our friend George and his friend Lisa play in Half Moon Bay yesterday, sat and crafted and enjoyed the music and ate, then walked down Main Street [it’s a total little tourist town over on the coast, everything is kind of unnecessary and charming]. THEN we went to this artist enclave where Lisa’s dad rents a space to write in, it is this crazy set of wooden buildings the one guy started 40 years ago right on the shore, I have some photos that I will get around to. Really cool though. I daydream about the kind of life where people are always inviting me places like that. Oh, there are some photos here [the Miramar beach entries].