December 25: Christmastime was here

Posted in craft, photo by gwen on December 27, 2009

snow, globes at Daisy's
Esperanto green scarf with Esperanto green stars for Mom
Tiny reindeer
Necklace for momSnuggie!
Replacement for the Terminator cameraDecember 2: Self, birthday
Self, at Vera's opening

[the last two are not Christmas-related but I haven’t posted any photos of myself lately, they are from my birthday and a friend’s art opening a couple weeks ago, respectively. is that not the most fantastic coat? totally vintage **MINT**, my friend Laura gave it to me when she moved to Seattle — HOW NICE IS SHE?? — and I made the necklace to match. And that little sparkle is the ring Chad gave me on our last anniversary that I never got around to posting a photo of.]

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December 24: All snug in their beds

Posted in photo by gwen on December 25, 2009

December 24: All snug in their beds

There’s an awesome reading of Night Before Christmas in Hemingway style as written by James Thurber on this podcast about 2/3 of the way through:

Merry Christmas

Posted in photo by gwen on December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas baby

Posted in photo by gwen on December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas baby

at To Herb With Love in Alameda

In Jerusalem this Christmas eve…

Posted in Christmas, photo by gwen on December 22, 2009

f.arias is my favorite succulent photographer. Turns out he’s pretty good at other shots, too.

Don’t you want to go here?


View On Black

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Oakland angel

Posted in our new home by gwen on December 19, 2009

Oakland angel

My favorite ornament, one of a pair bought from an old lady at a yard sale in the early ’90s. She reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys.

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2009’s model, lights meetup tomorrow!

Posted in photo by gwen on December 12, 2009

2009's model, lights meetup tomorrow!

Sunday, December 13, is the fourth annual holiday lights flickr meetup in Alameda, more info here.

Also: tree is up! and lit! and has one ornament hung with care! We each get one new one each year, a tradition I started when D’arby was born. There are quite a few ready to go, so I just have to bribe everyone around here with cocoa.

This is my 2009 ornament, a glass crawfish from our trip to New Orleans this spring.