Me and Chad at the Handmade Ho Down! in Oakland Saturday

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How cute are we? I especially love the first one.

at the Handmade Ho-Down

Photo kindly provided by Magnolia Photobooth Co. Inc.

Think pink

Posted in garden, photo by gwen on February 8, 2010

1. I picked up this vintage pink number at an estate sale last year. Left it hanging off a table at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago. Went back last week, they remembered seeing it but didn’t know where it had gotten to. They searched the farm, found it, and remembered to bring it for me this week. Now it is raining and we are so happy together.

February 4: I can't see me loving nobody but you

Vera says hi!

You're in my heart...



Pinky Tuscaharlow

Just let it.

2. aloe in our garden
3. favorite pink heart plate and last season’s strawberries
4. at the Alameda Antiques Fair. we thought about going today but didn’t. GEAUX SAINTS!
5. pink pal found on the base
6. me at the first Maker Faire
7. my pretty pink parasol at a street fair in Oakland

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January 12: Las Salsas

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January 12: Las Salsas

Dinner at the Tamales Mi Lupitas taco truck.

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Earthquake Day #20

Posted in photo, the time that by gwen on October 17, 2009

Reading: Loma Prieta – 20 Years Later
Listening to: 15 seconds of silence


Considering how heavily the media’s been covering the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake over the past couple weeks here, and how profoundly it affected me, it’s rather surprising that I completely forgot it was today.

I was just telling someone how clear the memory of it is — I am getting to the point where a lot of things have just fallen away, but the sound of the bricks of our chimney scattering, the roar of the entire world moving, the feeling of being knocked off my feet and the beams of our building creaking and snapping, and the following stillness except for the chunks of dirt dislodged from our hill settling on the asphalt are as sharp as if it was yesterday.

Cypress Street, 16 years later

There’s a memorial park down where the Cypress Freeway used to be. There’s this beautiful piece that commemorates the people who died there and the members of the community who worked to free the people who were trapped in the collapsed double-decker freeway.

The Ladders

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