orange you glad….

Posted in photo by gwen on September 30, 2009

Orange, new old fall jacket, new old flower brooch, new old phone that calls but doesn’t ring and I’ll take it apart one day but maybe later.

I’m having an especially hard time this year accepting that it’s fall [already!] — I know some people love it but to me it means everything’s getting colder and colder and darker and darker, and I am made for the sun. I need light.

Our 2009 summer here in Alameda was colder and shorter and greyer than it’s ever been [seriously. Climate change is for real yo!] and we didn’t go nearly as many places or do nearly as many things and honestly I feel like I got the summer shaft this year.

I am still holding out for a couple more hot spells before Halloween. Because it can’t possibly be all fall already.

I want more time for camping and pluots and balmy evenings and rides on the Big Dipper and bouncing in the surf and BBQs and falling asleep in the grass and dripping ice cream cones and CORN and walks and flip-flops.


I was glad to have an excuse today to wear the vintage peach jacket I bought at the thrift last week — I almost put it aside because we were having a little heatwave and it was too hot to try on but it was too cute not to, and the perfect little flower pin was waiting right next to the register.

For Autumn Color Week — Orange Wednesday

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  1. jan said, on September 30, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    a lovely jacket!

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